Hire Me To Be Your Blog Manager


I’m a generalist and have all of the skills required to launch a blog from start to finish. I’ll list my main skills below.

Blogging projects come in all shapes in sizes. Each one has to be custom planned and executed to be successful. Use the contact form below if you’d like to discuss how I can help you with your blogging project. I enjoy working on both short and long term projects.

In addition to freelance work I also run a personal finance blog called Money and Bills and the blog you’re reading now. I also do blogging tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Scott’s Content and Blogging Skills

If you don’t see something listed, feel free to ask me about it anyways… I can help you with:

  • The Technical Stuff Like Web Hosting, DNS, and Technical SEO.
  • Search Engine Optimization Best Practices
  • Creating SEO Content With A Strategy Behind It (whether it’s for Lead Generation or Brand Reputation SEO)
  • Coordinating and Project Management of Creative Freelancers
  • Leading Brainstorming Sessions
  • Formatting and Layout, Graphics, Call-to-actions, and Proofreading 
  • Programming Themes And Designing The User Interface
  • Implementing a Social Media Strategy
  • Setting Up An email Newsletter Campaign
  • Setting Up Analytics and Reporting To Track Results
  • Outreach For Finding Guest Bloggers and Guest Posting Opportunities

Why Do You Need A Blog Manager?

Producing consistent, high-quality, search friendly blog content is the most important part of a successful content campaign. The biggest benefits of blogging is for building credibility and trust with new customers, while guiding them through the buyer journey. Without a quarterback to execute the plan and coordinate the team, you’ll lose out.

The Types Of Blogging Projects I Have The Most Experience With:

Lead Generation – Create a custom SEO content strategy to drive inbound traffic to your website, using branded and non branded search terms. It’s best for building awareness for your brand, products, and services.

Brand Reputation SEO – Create a custom strategy for suppressing unwanted search results on the first page of Google when someone searches your brand name.

Send me a message below to get things started, introduce yourself and describe the kind of help you need. I’ll get back to you shortly!