When To Hire A Professional Writer For Your Blog


When you’re starting a new blog it can be a challenge writing and creating content for it. Especially if you’re not already a writer or passionate about writing.

Below I’ll share a few thoughts to help you decide whether you should hire a professional writer, or do the writing yourself.

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The Small Business Professional

The value of your blog will serve as a lead generation tool and an educational resource for your existing customer base. If you’re a natural at writing and you can do it effectively, I highly encourage you to do it yourself.

HOWEVER… At some point, you might discover that your time is better spent doing the day to day operations of your business.

Hiring A Professional Writer

Hiring the most qualified professional writer will be the only option if you have no interest or time to do the writing yourself.

In the long run, you’ll save the most money by hiring not the cheapest writer, but the one that knows your industry and subject matter the best.

If your blog or business is in a niche industry, you may need to offer the writer additional insight and knowledge to the types of content your customers will read.

Full-Time Bloggers or Personal Brands

For full-time bloggers (or personal brands) there’s no question, you should do all of the writing yourself when starting out. As your blog or brand builds up into an actual business, you can review your options for hiring someone to help you with some or all of the writing. A lot of full-time bloggers will hire an editor, which can save an enormous amount of time getting new articles published.

Popular Resources For Hiring A Professional Writer

Specialty Writer Freelance Platforms

Writers Access – There are over 25,000 vetted freelance writers on Writers Access. It’s moderately priced and one of the best platforms I’ve seen so far.

Clear Voice – Not the cheapest place to hire a freelance writer, but lots of reputable companies use the platform. It’s certainly worth looking at.

iWriter – iWriter has several different price points. I would stick to an Elite Plan if you want to get a quality writer.

Freelancer Marketplaces

UpWork – A well-established freelancer site. You can hire writers, programmers, etc. Upwork has a pretty decent reputation. Just review profiles and portfolios carefully.

HubStaff – I recently discovered this freelancer platform, seems to have promise and worth checking out for hiring a great writer.

Fiverr – Fiverr is really hit or miss. Don’t let the cheap 5 dollar price fool you. It’s possible to find a high-quality writer on Fiverr, but you’ll have to be very selective. And you’ll be paying a lot more than just five bucks!

Freelance Job Boards (I like these the best)

BloggingPro.com – Is an online resource for bloggers and has a fantastic job board on it. Post your job and find a freelance writer. It does not get any simpler than that.

ProBlogger.com – ProBlogger is another online resource for bloggers; it has a job board too.

Craigslist.org – Craigslist is still my favorite website for finding freelancers. You can post a job under “Gigs,” and it only costs 5 bucks!

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